Thermoset injection molding

lightweight, durable and temperature resistant

Thermosets are synthetic resins consisting of close-meshed molecular compounds that are no longer deformable after hardening. By applying pressure and heat in a mold or tool, thermosets can be used to produce very lightweight molded parts that nevertheless achieve a strength comparable to that of metals and are resistant to extreme temperatures and acids.

Thermoset product advantages

  • high strength, dimensionally stable and dimensionally stable
  • resistant to cold and heat
  • resistant to pressure and vibration
  • insensitive to weathering and corrosion-free
  • lighter and more durable than metal
  • abrasion and scratch resistant
  • flame retardant
  • chemical and UV resistant
  • excellent price-performance ratio
  • many desired surfaces and colors possible

Manufacturing process

Under the influence of pressure and heat, a special synthetic resin is injected into a mold prepared by us. As a result of further heat application, three-dimensional and extremely close-meshed cross-links are formed in the material at the molecular level, which cannot be dissolved again. This makes it possible to produce components with exceptional hardness and durability.

We create injection molds quickly, reliably and economically.

Process advantages

  • individually optimized solutions for your specific tasks
  • with our tools you can ensure your serial production in highest quality
  • with our tools you can ensure your control of complex manufacturing processes, process stability and reproducible accuracy.