Metal-plastic composite parts - various materials

the best of everything

So-called hybrid components are composed of two or more different materials that have been functionally that have been functionally combined with each other. This composite intelligently combines the different properties of different materials and integrates them into a single component. Hybrid components can therefore cope with different and special tasks and are are able to meet even the latest requirements.

We process contact parts, threaded bushings, axles and other metal parts, die-cast parts and much more in combination with precisely selected plastics (hard and soft).

Your advantages

  • optimal, technical and economical solutions for every task
  • simplified production of functional components from various materials
  • reduction of manufacturing steps, assembly processes are eliminated or are simplified
  • material-efficient process, synergies by combining of different properties of the materials involved
  • wear-, heat- and insulation-optimized
  • time savings and cost reduction in the manufacturing process
  • optimum consulting and quality management by experienced experts in development, production of tools and product and functional testing