Reel to Reel

most economical process for high quantities

The production of very small components in high volumes places special demands on technology and cost-effectiveness. Our reel-to-reel technology provides the ideal solutions for this:

In this special process, inserts are fed as a strip directly from the reel into the mold of the injection molding machine. After plastic coating with the desired plastic, the inserts are transported out of the injection mold and directly rewound. However, coiled parts can also be processed directly and then placed in trays. When metal parts are processed together by punching, bending and their plastic wrapping, several production steps are thus seamlessly integrated and automated.

Although high volumes are involved in reel-to-reel production, it goes without saying that each individual component has to be precisely machined. We can guarantee the necessary precision in production thanks to our know-how and the perfect interaction between planning, design, toolmaking and the injection molding process.

Your advantages

  • most economical process for high volumes
  • lighter and less expensive components with the same properties
  • Consideration of integrated and automated production of stamped and bent parts with the plastic coating
  • optimal bonding due to innovative plastic coating