Grippers/devices in automation/operating equipment

MÜHLBEYER is your partner in the development, design, production and maintenance of devices/equipment for automotive, electrical engineering and general mechanical engineering.


We design tools, molds, fixtures, equipment and working tools in the 3D CAD system. We can read in all common formats, such as

  • CATIA V4 / V5
  • IDEAS Master Series
  • Pro/E
  • Unigraphics Moldflow
  • Tebis
  • Hypermill
  • ThinkLine
  • Neutral data formats: VDA, IGES, STEP

With the help of the integrated CAD/CAM system, tools, moulds, devices, equipment and working aids are manufactured on our CNC machines.

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As varied as the field of application of the fixtures are their constructive designs and the design of clamping elements, clamping tools and fixture parts. Due to the increasing automation, the use of jigs and fixtures is becoming more and more important. Fixtures are associated with many different effects.

Example: Automation of the workpiece supply: The variety of workpiece shapes, workpiece dimensions and workpiece weights is a technical fact that can only be countered in terms of flexible automation by further development of the operating equipment in direct contact with the workpiece, such as fixtures, grippers or transport pallets. Where the limits of automation lie, it is necessary to sound out.